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Thursday, June 30, 2011 hard to find

the ones that I love have gone way to far.
  • .they traveled easy on the bed of the stream as if it was life..
    as pebble do they change the brightness ..
             the glare of the sun..

    they change..the size like the tears do..
            as I think of you..
    hurting with each other on the edges of a cruel .
            .forgotten love..
             there is an end to all this ...
    when you find the one that you can love.. it will not be easy..
    for the one you look for.. is hard to find..
             you will find it.. when the pleasure runs out..
             runs out of time.. .
             some where there is.. he will guide you from above...

             I'm not there any more..
    I'm in a dream of vapor that transepts you of all.
    like the pebbles..
    not as monumental as they seem from above. 
             in contradictions of absence..
             of imagination..
             of reality..
             of transfinite..

    I ask one thing to you...
    please forgive me as if I asked you to convert.. to a condition of transform...
    no one will be there if you do arrive...
    the one you are looking for has been left behind.. long ago...
    remember it was just so fine.
  • The blood in your veins..
    the needs you have ..
                diminishes the beauty that you are..
    the wonder of your hart. .
    your intelligence...
    the softness of your being ..
    the love that you can give.
  •             seems so far ..
    one has always to forgive..


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