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Friday, April 8, 2011

before day three

    1. off guard day..
      stand up..
      to walk away..
    2. strait .. and to the right of way underestimate time.. how long is it..between here.. and there..
    3. check on his sweetness.
      over his head ..
    4. with room for him to hide,
      and peek too.
      moving back with steps of a short stride..
      with noise inside..your head ... ....
      but you do get back.

      stirring thoughts ..
      little hairs springing back and forth..
      creating melodies..
      divinely flavored songs..

      immersed into powdered dry emotion..
      gleaming in the sun light..
      shadows across the le'figure .
    5. three days have been in mind..
      will the trip be done or waiting just in time.
      call me ...
      call me again please..
      I want to hear it again.
      as if I did not understand..
    6. we have two..
      only two... after that I will go alone.
      with my divinely covered songs..
      melodies so hard. so strong..
      dissipating thought from your will arranging the steeping stone on the hill.
    7. .......a hill........

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