welcome to my abstract mind

Thursday, November 17, 2011

an extent in time

  • the possession of ones place...
    a crescendo exploding in the view ..
    .even in the action occurring...bat tans cracking skulls .
    .the lie res explanations of the few ..

    of the few....
    representing you ....

    a high...thick...masonry structure..
    protecting the ones with control ..
    the one being in abuse
    have nothing to lose

    .....nothing to do..

    shell we praise the valor,
    or is it a sold Idea.
    that it's time has come into view...

    can an idea be erased with battens..
    or are we all falling for the few...
    suffering in the cold...
    loud venison out to a falling few

    consider the swirl... motions in the air..
    to pass confusion...
    to twist .. and shape the idea for your benefit to..

    swengen... shaking to beat the source..
    obedience to lawful authority..
    together in a standard which one has just claimed...

    abundance of support with food and gender to come forth.. amazement to the few that control all of you

    all of you..........

!! perception...of deception !!

in the light of experience
an acute physical sensation .. strings in the digits of a life with one..
extending further then you can imagine..

interpret that experience with appreciation...
with cognition..
with intuitive .. right or wrong ..

In direct awareness of your feelings.. ..
knowing that your soul is there..
that your whole self is there to.

possessing a given insight in to your soul..
into the  being of the ones that are not there..

help me understand this feeling of inundate..that overwhelms me...
that overflows in my heart when i see. .. what is in this world of disinterment...
in this world of discord..

allow me to make a disjunctive form... between the meaning of those that we oppose...and those that oppose us to.

allow me to be one that has a very precise disunity to what we are hearing on the narrative of this day...

this;displeasure.. this offensive ...annoying..archaic view........

that is out there .. to days presentation..that we can not avoid...
..........the air waves fill us all with disgusting phrases..
with what we do not want to know

lacking in loyalty..
no allegiance...or devotion
no obligation to any faith..
...........and asking for your full support.. display of fidelity.. obligation to any sovereign citizen..
or to an alien government to which one can see.

devotion....loyalty is only to their ugly greed.

we percieve the deception