welcome to my abstract mind

Saturday, May 8, 2010


an image blended itself into my dream..... my dream was about a wide...a beautiful moving stream.. the image of angels.. of white angels re-living the turmoils... In the dark-black soil of the ones that fail..... the image appears in my mind when I'm awake as well... when i think of you.. .. the words that you have said to me in .. arbitrarily.. as is my soul. erased the beauty .. that I saw.. made as dark as the water..became .. . after you waded in side of meaning...for us to see.. . quixotic..unreal what you say to me. the meaning of what your words can be.. what your words mean .. .. a realization..a chimerical.. is the meaning that I see in my dream.. I was a cocoon..a white cocoon.. I could not move..just going down the stream.. the meaning of what you said.. are as shrapnel embedded in my..thinking.. know that I would rather give up... what you mean to me... the love that I have for you... all the good things that you are.. have been. I will give up.. Rather then believe what you are saying.. the line that you tow.. the understandings that you have are not for me... not even for you... you just don't know.... YOU JUST DON'T KNOW........

Monday, May 3, 2010


my feeling are shattered.. they are a shred of the product at the end of time....... my emotions are as a graft..alignment..... of the monitor ..of an injured heart.. as my thinking...may continue.. may be in the parallel of a divided line. in..and there......couthe be aligned. like the stars do in a billionth year.. as they do when we are so far apart, our a cosmic vastness our beliefs....... that far apart..... to break a once united image.. the individual statements in my existence today you are.. damage..the fruit..demolish... disintegrate a breaking heart.. drop the leaves, the pedals like clouds .. .. falling down from the sky is a wondering line.. to meet you and forever be again as it was before.. degrade the parts..OR... uniting our thoughts..our they were before.. to make a sense of to togetherness...... before it's to late......before it's to .. and beyond. Beyond the reach of a love that can fall apart.. the energy, the intensity to get this far... when two signs of fire energize as one.... may never come back as it once was... once was one ....