welcome to my abstract mind

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

allusions of the soul

Distractions of the mind.. inside.. the vacuum... that you find.. Wondering ..alluvium is my soul.. is the emptiness of deranged..or just.. grief..anxiety.. can you tell me... mental amusement..or just.. maddened..troubled.. Amazement ..or just distractive.. to distrain.. may you come to me in a state of your insane. tow my distance.... tow a the world can be the same..... the same as when you can ... you can arrange..... we hear..we listen..angels... and enemies here too.... in a denouement makes them ..appear.. to me as you.. untying the knot...that is so hollow.. inside the celestial. hierarchy... what makes them.. the enemy... in my soul... an attendant spirit..has been stilled.. and stole maybe we are here to draft a beginning.. or maybe the beginning is already here... tell me what it is that I need to know... are we starting to come into existence... my feelings are beginning to be.. are we touching.......... tell me so we can be...... the least degree... I don't know... I don't know what it could be.. we should just...... just thank thee.... thank thee


  1. Maybe I just feel like that right now..

  2. Very nice. I like the way the stanzas appear to be placed at random, it adds to the feeling of being confused. My life sometimes feels like this.

  3. "come to me in a state of your insane" ..echoes of Jim Morrison. this has been a great read every time. Thank you

  4. Thank you Captain background.

  5. Thank you Sir Bill Robertson