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Sunday, April 25, 2010


the mood is there.......came into me like a Field of unwanted heat......unwanted air.......... dubiety...stresses..what I find myself in today loneliness in the flash..........Ianthe way I lay myself to rest is the dream..the dreams of what it may.. much to i lay in a state of disarray..... Skepticisim...suspicion...evidence of the mistrust.. of the frugality .. that we have today..... suspicion. stresses the lack of faith.......the reality of what is causes that is the way. I lay on my back...with the mind of .. wonderment for I feel the darkness coming my way..I try not to service the need I have to destructive in the way I know how to be with me... In the flash. in the veins I can see the colour coming to the surface of the injuries....and well mental injuries...feelings .. that we all some how enjoy..must .. enjoy the emotional hurt... how good it feels to hurt as is that way... An out let that has been provided by the complexity of nature...the wonder.... of a design...for us not to be able to even comprehand...ever..should I dare say Forever ?...........the indulgence of a life time here never.... there has to be a way dislodge the impotance....the..movement of those that see it that way.... lets find a way....together.. a sovereign .. meaningful .. part of the day. do when we may extend it do others .. lets isolate a dimension..lets eclair..points of our feeling frosted that we can change the mood .. to reach those who we are.Then...THEN we can do the things that need to be


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  2. It may be that I feel this way because Of the economy, or maybe I just never have enaugh money, or both ??

    Is it just me, or does nayone else feel this way ?

  3. To live with uncertainty live with hurt and anger and not be bothered is as hard as passing a camel through the eye of a needle. Bravo.

  4. Thank you Bill Robertson,
    I got to check one that was listed on your blog ( ANGELUS ) Unreal what beautiful poetry this person has, I will be looking at that a lot. Thank you.