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Friday, July 2, 2010


Melodies at a distance..I can hear.. songs..lyrics..familier to an ear... vein arias..sonatas..even stick to what I hear.. those things that will be there for a time so... ....lacking a factual reality.. look abound in an imaginary sound of a fear.. somber landscapes.. Arbitrarily..winning years far as you can see ... ..........See them into what appears music ..again music that one hears.. in a captaining fanciful ever-righteous poetic mind.. look around you.. ...........look again at every sinful..anting fear.. ...........maybe you will find.. ...........injurers of the time. maybe it will satisfy what you and I have in mind. .. dreams of mine.. forgetting that lone landscape of the dreams.. ...........Dreams that you and I have had in our time. Or is it an imaginary number..a number that we see.. ...........something visionary..a chimerical quixotic view.. allow me to leave it up to you.. in time we will view.. ...........View a chivalrous devotion.. or an unrestrained all divine objective in it's few. ...........avowing into our sensitives.. the very heart of what will become of me and you.. this fantasy of what we have in to reading what are dreams.. ...........dreams of fanciful suggestions .. of just a very few. ...........of just the very few !


  1. Imagination; a wonderous thing to have.

    Please join me.

  2. i like that, its like your writing about something thats very hard to get hold of, its almost tangible but just out of reach, sort of like trying to grasp smoke. it almost seems that your remembering things past but looking towards things to come.

    thats what i get out of it anyway :)

  3. Javmango,
    Interesting observation, I have not heard that before,makes me think that you see it in that prospective because of your work.
    It also makes me think that you have understood every word that I have written.
    Lots of thoughts are going thru my mind because of what you have said.
    Thank you