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Sunday, May 9, 2010


The fact that sometimes I'm amused..sometimes I'm sad .. sometimes I think I know what to tell you..what WILL I say to you.. and then there are times that I don't.. I can not recognize my feelings But never has there been the time that I'm glad... never. tell me that it's time for me to realize the meaning of your actions.. withdrawing your support .. tells me what it is that I have to do.. the message it factious.. I guess the whole picture is beginning to present it self to my eyes. I did not believe that a tree... that has been in the ground for twenty three.. .. ..years.... would fall so easy with one jerk of a phrase.. one meaning to it's face..... I don't have time to plant another one that would last that long.... it may be time to culture the one that are there...bring them along.... I should compromise my position..I should just agree with whatever.... say be with you... with your incendiary... false...ideas... that have a small of the flailing that you do... two weeks ago you had in my with me....i gather that at the time I was so fine...adjective was .. was in your mind. Such a short time ago I was denoting a quality.. in your mind it demonstrated the the utmost believes that you had... Now your actions demonstrate the insecurity..the insincerity.... the childishness of of that invitation. I can not even imagine that ever happening... ever.... the mendacity...the timing was not available to you... Now I hope that what you...and..I.. the adjustments that we have to do.... the enormity... of the believes that we have... to be so anxious.... that our daily activity do not have to suffer because of you.... because of me.... of me too..... for it was I..that uttered the words that were so offensive to you.. offensive........they happened to be untrue.. .. untrue. Te pido que me perdones,ise un error que no puedo diculpar....


  1. Sometimes even with your eyes wide open, it takes a few days to see the light

  2. sounds like suffering loss ..

    of companionship. That’s hard. Over-thinking is easy ..and painful. No words to explain change.

    I can still feel the quality of a wooden flute playing in your writing. It goes high and dips low comes and goes.

  3. That's a remarkable quality ..keep it up my friend

  4. Thanks Bill, you are good man, as you know though, time....time takes care of things

  5. I want to say I'm sorry, I can, and will admit that I was wrong. I know that my words can be like a "sharp knife that cuts you to the bone"

    Please except my apology.