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Saturday, April 17, 2010

dusty lane

white ford SUV coming fifty per hr attached to a cell phone.......... fifty in a 15 mile Zone...........she lives half a mile away southeast of my ten............believe my dismay.........dust allover my house, my car, my pump..........everywhere... just washed my car.......thought i would go somewhere.................wash it again. I know this a dumb thing to blog on....I live in a rural erea...on a dirt road, there is a Rd. called Dusty lane close by,and this lady drives by every ten minutes at 50 miles per hour, she seems oblivious of her surroundings, I use to wave at her, but her cell phone always entered-feared with my salutation, so I just stopped waving, and now I'm starting to make the sign of slow-down I'm hoping that some day she will notice and even maybe know what that may mean I have figured out that she may-be a stay at home type, with a child, and she drives the child to the corner to the school bus, and picks the child up , and during the rest of the time she just drives like hell on Dusty lane... I keep wondering what her man may say to her about the dust on the car, who changes the oil, the filters, the window-washer, and so on, I drive very care-full on Dusty lane so to avoid as much of the dust as I can, and yet I have to do all those changes on my car, often. I also know that the neighbors to the south of me have a teen-ager named DUSTY, and I keep thinking that they may have named him after Dusty Lane, if I ever talk to him I may ask him, but then I think what if he is insulted , what will I say then. You see folks I can say things without my usual style of rhythmic sayings... thanks for your ear.........


  1. you are a fantastic storyteller Sir.
    I really enjoyed reading. I can taste the dust on Dusty lane.

  2. Thank you, REVERBIO, nice compliment.

  3. this is still going on, it's just getting worse, I just hope it rains, so the dust will settle.
    Maybe I'll do a rain dance, see what happenes.